Analogue photography from Los Angeles, CA.
Streets of a village on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
ArtScience Museum, Singapore (left). A restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina (right).
Dead end in Wichita, USA.
From left to right: Somewhere over the Tyrrhenian Sea, sky scraper in Guangzhou (China), view on the Balearic Sea, Torre Glòries in Barcelona (Spain).
Smog over China (left), Allgäu Alps (middle, right).
In a helicopter over Cape Town.
Guangzhou (left) and Chengdu in China (right).
Somewhere in Aktau, Kazakhstan.
George Town on Penang Island, Malaysia (left). Sunset at beach on Sal, Cape Verde (right).
Escalators in Chengdu, China.
Light and shadows. Skopje, Macedonia (left) and Barcelona, Spain (right).
Street photo, DTLA.
A payphone in Penang, Malaysia (left)​​ and a mailbox on Réunion Island, France (right).
Houses on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
Art gallery and bookstore in São Paulo, Brazil.
Angler on Fuerteventura.
View on the North Atlantic Ocean (left). Relaxing in Herceg Novi, Montenegro (right).
House in Houston, Texas.
A town on Sal, Cape Verde (left) and a street of Chengdu in China (right).
"At the end of the street...". Palermo, Italy.
"At the end of the street...". Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain (left), Tlaquepaque, Mexiko (right).
Miami Beach, Florida.
Turtles on La Réunion in the Indian Ocean.
Shops at night in China (left) and vegetables in the colors of the mexican flag in Mexico (right).
Ship wreck on a beach in South Africa.
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