Icon Designs
Some icon designs that I created for my previous website as well as gallereplay.
Low Poly Portraits
The portrait illustrations are based on a photo, which I mostly shot myself. After image editing, the photos were traced in triangles, which were then filled with color.
Editorial Design: Horst & Edeltraut Magazine
From 2009 to 2012 I was working at muehlhausmoers, a corporate publishing agency. One of the projects I was involved was the editorial design of the magazine Horst & Edeltraut. The pages shown were designed by me (except the cover).
Editorial Design: Speedminton (German Championship)
This poster was used by the german championship on speed badminton in 2013. I created the whole editorial design including the photo in the background.
"Flying Island" Illustration
I created this "flying island" with Adobe Illustrator in 2012. It was used on the website and social media of a company in the travel industry.
Project "Glitches"
I created these glitches in Adobe Photoshop in 2014.
Typewriter Art
This typewriter art from 2014 was made with an "Erika" typewriter which can switch between black and red ink.
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